All Mediations and Arbitrations are set with a minimum of 4 hours billed at $450.00 per hour, of which up to one will cover review of briefs submitted ahead of the hearing.

All Early Neutral Evaluations, Discovery Referee or other matters will be quoted with a minimum after consultation with the persons that will be involved in the hearing. Each requires an estimation of the time pre-hearing that will be needed, and depends on the amount of briefing or other materials needing review before the hearing.

Locations and Travel Charges

I am using the offices of Selman Law for mediations that I host. There will be no travel charges for use of the Los Angeles (11766 Wilshire Blvd. – 7th Floor) or Orange County (6 Hutton Centre Drive, Suite 1100, Santa Ana) offices.

I have available space in San Diego (101 W. Broadway, Suite 1330 ), San Francisco (33 New Montgomery, Sixth Floor), Las Vegas, Nevada (3993 Howard Hughes Parkway, Suite 200) and Seattle, Washington (800 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4100). Travel costs are at 50% of my regular rate, portal to portal with a 5 hour (plus 1 hour for preparation) minimum. Airfare is also to be charged for these offices (other than San Diego).

I am willing to travel to other locations at the same travel charge (50% of my regular rate) outside of Los Angeles County.

Confirmed Hearing Rules

My availability is noted on my Calendar, which I try to keep current. My office will confirm the time slot you have selected via email but it not “locked in” until all have signed the Hearing Agreement and payment has been received by all participating parties. If the Hearing Agreement and payment is not received within 14 days of it being sent, the time slot will be re-opened to others.